I am an interaction designer

I make a remarkable digital design with front-end development skills.

Creative designer experienced
Who am I —?! Creative designer experienced

I work in Canada for Direct Focus Marketing company as an interaction designer. I am a carefully balanced blend of thinker ,  creator and organizer.

The reason why I come from South Korea because I want to be an experienced designer even if I could be failed in Canada. I enjoy listening and experience about a new culture and different thinking.

What can I do —?! All about digital design

I have the background of a graphic designer but I don’t cross the line between design and development areas.

Always I am trying to make a project better. I never hesitated to learn about the new area which I have to know about projects looks better. I don’t worry about challenging new experiences even if I would be failed.

Design skills
  • - UX/UI [Application / Web]
  • - Graphic [Printing / Digital]
  • - Photo & Video
  • - HTML
  • - CSS & SASS
  • - jQuery
  • - Wordpress
History Moon
  • 2003.03 - 2009.02

    KUNSAN National University, South Korea

    Art industrial design

  • 2003.05 - 2007.11

    Militerty service, South Korea

  • 2009.10 - 2010.03

    KIMS CLUB MART, South Korea

    Graphic design

  • 2010.05 - 2011.11

    WITHSYSTEM INC., South Korea

    UX/UI Designer & Front-end developer

  • 2011.12 - 2013.02


    UX/UI Designer & Front-end developer

  • 2013.02 - 2016.02

    DAOVER INC., South Korea

    UX/UI Designer & Front-end developer

  • 2017.09 - 2019.04

    Red River College, Canada

    Digital Media Design

  • 2019.05 - Present

    Direct Focus, Canada

    Interection designer